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  • "As-Sidq through its Tawarruq transactions will enable MBSB to increase its efficiency in corresponding with customers using SMS as a primary mode for Akad agreement and ultimately minimise the turnaround time in the disbursement of financing,"
    MBSB president/ CEO Datuk Ahmad Zaini Othman said at the event – The Malaysian Reserve, Wednesday, 13 June 2012
  • "We have used cellphone airtime as an underlying asset for personal financing for about two years and have found it to be fast and efficient. The transaction involves real money and gives customers greater confidence to take on the financing", says Marina Hamzah, head of product development at Kuala Lumpur-based RHB Islamic, a unit of Malaysia's fifth-largest banking group by assets.
    - Bloomberg, Monday, 10 September 2011
  • "In tawarruq trading, the purchaser will buy a commodity from the bank on a deferred payment plan and thereafter, sell it to the market to raise instant funds," said RHB Islamic managing director JamelahJamaluddin at the signing ceremony between RHB Islamic Bank, Sedania Media Group and E-Pay
    – Bernama, Wednesday, 12 Aug 2009.